Code of Conduct

Scienza Academy’s Code of Conduct aims to provide the ways that we can live according to our mission and values. Rules, regulations, and policies exist to give effect to the underlying principles and values, therefore in the event of a conflict between rules, regulations and policies and principles (mission/ values) the principles must prevail.

Scienza Academy’s Mission

Scienza Academy exists to provide a safe space for children and teenagers to make learning happen. It is a place where knowledge is valued, creativity is kindled, friendships are formed, and failure is not feared.

Scienza Academy’s Values

  • We are our people: the community of learners, tutors and parents all working together.
  • Learning: Everything that you don’t know is an opportunity to learn something new or to increase your knowledge.
  • Take pride in, and ownership of, your work.
  • Respect: Treat every person with dignity and good manners (including yourself).
  • Self-respect: This is where respect begins.
  • Kindness: A specific manifestation of respect.
  • Curiosity: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • We cultivate companionship.
  • Care about other people.
  • Authenticity and Acceptance – Don’t change who you are.
  • We embrace diversity.


This Code of Conduct applies to the learners, staff, and parents and is aimed at ensuring that Scienza Academy delivers a quality education to all who attend it.

It applies on Scienza’s premises and to events that are organized by Scienza.

This Code of Conduct endeavours to foster mutual respect and the formation of sound, educative interpersonal relationships between learners, educators, tutor-centre and home – All parties working together to achieve the best possible outcome for the Learner.

Rights of Learners, Tutors & Parents

  • In this document, parent includes any guardian or person who acts in the role of parent.
  • Scienza Academy should be a safe environment where all parties can work together towards the education of learners without being hindered. Specifically, the tutor centre:
    • Should be free of bullying (including cyber-bullying), criminal behaviour, intoxication (drug or alcohol), harassment (including cyber-harassment), intimidation, racism, sexism, sexual harassment, weapons and/or victimization and/or other similar behaviour or threats.
  • No person may smoke on the premises.
  • Learners, Tutors and Parents should all be treated with respect by each other.
  • Learners, Tutors and Parents have the right to privacy with regard to their person or belongings.
    • This right may be limited in the event that the principal or their designee has reasonable cause to believe that illegal or harmful materials are in a person’s possession that may disrupt the educational process or endanger the health, safety or welfare of any person on Scienza’s premises or at an event organized by Scienza.
    • This right may be limited in the event that there is reasonable cause   to believe that a person might be in possession of stolen property.

Responsibilities of Learners, Tutors & Parents

  • Learners, Tutors and Parents have a responsibility to respect all persons and their property.
  • Learners and Tutors are responsible for their own possessions, including their books and stationery.
  • Learners, Tutors and Parents must ensure that academic integrity is maintained by ensuring that the learner does their own work and does not copy from any other source, learner, or memorandum.
  • Additionally, Learners, Tutors and Parents must ensure that rules and policies relating to tasks, assignments, examinations, etc. are adhered to.
  • All persons are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that learners have the requisite books, stationery and supplies needed to complete their work.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that they meet their financial commitments to the tutor centre.
  • Parents are responsible for making sure that the necessary transport arrangements are made for learners at the end of the tutoring day in a timeous manner.

Classroom Responsibilities

Learner ResponsibilitiesTutor Responsibilities
Be prepared to learn: Arrive on time, with required stationery, books, etcBe prepared to teach: Arrive on time with lesson adequately prepared
Pay attention and listenBe present and try to make the material interesting
Take adequate notes during lessonsExplain concepts and provide information
Do homework and studyExplain work. Be available to assist if required
Ask and answer questions and participate in lessonsAsk and answer questions, provide explanations and expand as necessary
Turn in assignments and tasks:
On time
That are completed to the best of the learner’s ability
Neatly presented
Hand out assignments and tasks:
Provide learner’s enough time to complete them
Having covered the required work
Ask for help if they do not understand the requirement(s) of an assignmentBe willing and available to help with explaining requirements of assignments
Learners are responsible for not engaging in play or rough house behaviour unless a tutor is presentTutors are responsible for adequately supervising learners

Scienza Academy Tutor Centre Rules

  • Learners, Tutors and Parents may not be dishonest. They are expected to do their own work and to not to share their work with other learners unless it is in an explicitly labelled groupwork activity.
  • No person may disrupt lessons, tests, or examination sessions.
  • Scienza’s facilities are all shared and must be kept clean and tidy.
  • Scienza recognizes that clothing allows for an individual to exercise their self-expression. Scienza requires that learners and tutors dress respectfully:
    • Learners eyes must be visible to enable proper tutoring, therefore, no headgear that covers their eyes (e.g. hoodies, caps etc.) may be worn in a tutoring situation.
    • Likewise, hair may not cover a learner’s eyes.
    • Clothing must cover all underwear.
    • Clothing must not be see-through.
    • Clothing should be appropriate. Appropriateness will be determined by the nature and setting of the activity. If on an outing, Tutors and Learners must bear in mind that they represent Scienza.
  • Mobile devices may be used in a responsible and non-disruptive manner. Individuals are responsible for their own devices.
  • Social media may be used responsibly. Unless, expressly authorized to do so, no Learner, Tutor or Parent may represent their views as those of Scienza Academy.
  • Bullying or harassment, including cyber-bullying or cyber-harassment, will not be tolerated.
  • Learners may not date other learners who attend Scienza Academy.

Infringement of the Code of Conduct

Infringements of the Code of Conduct must be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Sanctions for infringing the Code of Conduct may range from a reprimand by a tutor or principal through to suspension and expulsion. In the event of damage to or loss of property, the sanction may include replacement of or reimbursement for damage or loss. Additional sanctions include, but are not limited to, additional academic work, and community service within the tutor centre.

No corporal punishment is permitted under any circumstances.

When determining a sanction, all relevant factors must be considered. No sanction may be designed to humiliate or violate the dignity of any person.