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Big changes this year!

New Era, New Name: We’re excited to announce that Scienza Academy is now Cornelius Tutoring! This change reflects our dedication to fostering a nurturing learning environment and guiding each student towards their full potential.

You can find our new website at

Key Updates for 2024:

Grade Range Adjustment

Starting this year, our focus shifts to Grades 4 and above, discontinuing foundation phase tutoring (Grades R – 3).

Grade 4-6

Classes remain largely the same, covering the full CAPS curriculum in a full day format (8:00 AM – 1:00 PM).

Grade 7+

A new approach emphasising independent learning, with support from our team.

Highlights include:

  • Reduced in-person tutoring, encouraging self-study and digital learning (e.g., Optimi platform, Khan Academy and our very own learning management system).
  • Mandatory preparation and worksheet completion for effective learning.
  • Access to supervised study spaces during the week.
  • Continuation of exam venue services.
  • Specialised, topic-focused workshops (priced variably).
  • Transparent, flat monthly fees covering workshops, exam venue use, and tutoring sessions. (Fees even more affordably priced!)
  • Customised study plans and regular progress reports.

Grade 7-12 Structure

Mathematics & Literacy: Bi-weekly sessions focusing on concepts, examples, and worksheets.

Languages: Weekly exam-focused workshops with comprehensive notes and exercises. Independent reading of prescribed literature.

Other Subjects: Single-session, topic-specific workshops covering exam content and past questions.

Scheduling Flexibility: Options to complete tasks early and makeup missed workshops at a fee.

Our commitment

We’re committed to your child’s educational journey and appreciate your continued support. Let’s make 2024 a year of growth and success!

Riaan and Trish Cornelius
Cornelius Tutoring

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2022 at Scienza Academy

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Happy New Year! On behalf of everyone at Scienza Academy, I wish you all a prosperous and pleasant year ahead. This post is going to provide a bit of an overview of our plans at Scienza for the year to come. Firstly, we are introducing some administrative changes. Secondly, we have customised our recommendations for Impaq’s packages. Thirdly, we are publishing a calendar that will help everyone to keep track of important dates. Our calendar will include details of when we are opening and closing and when assessment activities (e.g. tasks, tests and exams) are scheduled.

Introducing an accounting portal

We have moved onto an electronic accounts system that will allow parents to access invoices, payments and statements. We are also going to be using email and this website to communicate in place of WhatsApp.

Using more technology

In the 21st century the ability to successfully work with technology is an indispensable skill. Because of that we are switching to a hybrid learning model for Grade 6 to 12 using tablets as a resource to access e-books and supplementary learning material.

We are also teaching our learners to produce assignments on their devices, allowing them to acquire skills that will help them in the real world.

Recommended Impaq Packages

Secondly, we have customised our recommendations for Impaq packages. In making these recommendations we looked at two factors: the costs involved and available resources to ensure curriculum coverage.

GradeRecommended PackageMotivation
1 – 3Assessments onlyScienza is adopting a hands-on approach, supplemented by workbooks and worksheets. Using Impaq for assessments means that parents can rest assured that their children are getting a report from a reputable curriculum provider.
4 – 5Hard copy learner books, electronic facilitator guidesImpaq has excellent study material for learners in the intermediate phase. We also want to limit screen time for young learners.
6 – 9Electronic books for both learner and facilitatorImpaq’s study material covers required content well. Because using a device is essential for work, learners begin to get real-world skills.
10 – 12Assessments onlyUsing e-books and other resources means that learners can access world class information. We also are teaching learners how to use the technology to produce assignments and projects.

Online Calendar

To help stay up to date we have introduced an online calendar that you can access at You can subscribe to this calendar using Google Calendar or iCalendar. Alternatively, you can export the file and load it in Outlook or another calendar app.

Upcoming Events

Tutoring Schedule

GradeStart TimeEnd TimeDetails
1 – 1207:3007:55Arrival
1 – 1208:0009:30Lesson block 1
1 – 1209:3010:00Break
1 – 1210:0011:30Lesson block 2
1 – 1211:3012:00Break
1-1212:0013:00Lesson block 3
1 – 613:00Collection
7 -1213:0514:30Lesson block 4
7 – 1214:3014:40Admin/ Filing/ Clean-up
15:0016:00Extra lessons

Education should be a rewarding experience which allows you to think, imagine, question, doubt and solve problems.

Richard Feynman – Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1965

Here’s to having a successful 2022.

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Impaq Fees 2023

Scienza Academy is a tutor centre that provides support and tutoring services to homeschooling/ distance education learners. By using Impaq’s products and services for assessments learners are able to create a portfolio of evidence that they are doing work that is not inferior to the work that they would do at a mainstream school. This means that the learner’s guardian can rest assured that they are able to prove that their child has met the required standards.

In summary, at Scienza we use Impaq’s products and services for assessments. So there are two sets of fees that must be paid. Scienza Academy Tutor Centre fees and Impaq’s fees.

These fees are provided for convenience and as a guide only. When a learner registers with Impaq they will receive an official quote.

(per year)
Sacai FeesEstimated Delivery Cost to RandburgTotal Cost
1 -32 (Assessments and services; printed lesson material; electronic facilitator guides)5 36802005 568
4 -63 (Assessments and services; printed lesson material; electronic facilitator guides)8 12402008 314
7 -93 (Assessments and services; printed lesson material; electronic facilitator guides)
12 186020012 386
10 -122 (Assessments and services; printed lesson material; no facilitator guides)15 54221720015 959
122 (Assessments and services; printed lesson material; no facilitator guides)15 5429,775
to 25,967
Recommended Impaq Packages and Associated Fees

Impaq fees can be paid:

  • Upfront – In this case there is a 10% discount on the Impaq portion of the fees (not SACAI fees)
  • Monthly via debit order – this requires a 25% deposit and the remaining balance is paid in equal instalments from the end of January until end of October.
  • Monthly by bank transfer/ bank deposit – this requires a 40% deposit and the remaining balance is paid in equal instalments from the end of January until the end of October.

Note 1: Scienza Academy is registered with Impaq to provide tutoring support to homeschooling/ distance educating parents. Scienza Academy is independent of Impaq and Impaq does not quality assure us as a tutor centre nor are we owned or affiliated with Impaq in any way.

Note 2: Scienza Academy is not registered or in any way affiliated with SACAI – the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute. Impaq / Optimi is registered with SACAI as a distance education provider.

What is Sacai

  • SACAI is the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute. To learn more about SACAI visit their website:
  • SACAI is one of four Umalusi accredited bodies that can administer the National Senior Certificate (matric exam). The other three bodies are the Department of Education (DBE), the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), and the Independent Examination Board (IEB)
  • From Grade 10 to Grade 12 learners need to be registered with SACAI, the DBE, the DHET or the IEB.
  • When you register an FET phase learner with Impaq, Impaq registers the learner with SACAI and pays the fee over to SACAI so that there is a record of the learner being enrolled for the 3-year NSC (matric certificate)