A homeschooling matric with Scienza

Few people would argue that a matric qualification is essential. A question that is often asked is if a a learner can get a homeschooling matric? And will the matric certificate allow learners to study further?

Scienza Academy is registered with Impaq to use its products and services. We also receive academic support from Impaq.

Impaq uses SACAI’s for Grade 10 to 12 assessment services. This means that SACAI sets the preliminary and year-end exams in Grade 12. SACAI moderates internal assessments for quality. Internal assessments are assignments, tests and mid-year exams. SACAI is provisionally accredited by Umalusi.

Umalusi issues Grade Twelves who pass the SACAI NSC (National Senior Certificate) with matric certificates. All South African Higher Education institutions such as universities, colleges etc accept Umalusi’s matric certificates. Each institution has its only admission requirements. Learners should investigate entry requirements before choosing their FET subjects.

Homeschooling Matric Subjects in Grade 12

Whether homeschooling during matric or attending a conventional school matrics in South Africa need to take:

  • One Home Language
  • One First Additional Language (or a second home language)
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation
  • 3 elective subjects

This means that in order to pass matric a learner needs a minimum of seven subjects.

Different types of matric passes

In South Africa there are three different pass levels at the end of Grade 12. Firstly, the bachelor’s degree pass, secondly, a diploma pass and finally a higher certificate pass.

Bachelor’s Degree Pass

This is the qualification that allows a person to apply at a university. To achieve a Bachelor’s pass a learner must:

  • Get 40% or higher for home language
  • Get 50% or more for four other subjects
  • 30% or more for two other subjects

Diploma Pass

If a person achieves a diploma pass they can apply to study at a college. The requirements for a diploma pass are:

  • 40% or higher for home language
  • 40% or higher for 3 other subjects
  • 30% or higher for 2 other subjects

This means that in order to obtain a diploma pass a learner needs to get 40% or higher for four subjects including their home language.

Higher Certificate Pass

This is the minimum grade 12 certificate. To be awarded a higher certificate a learner must obtain:

  • 40% or above for home language
  • 40% or above for two other subjects
  • 30% or above for three subjects

Homeschooling Matric Summary

In summary, for a learner to get a homeschooling matric they must pass three subjects with 40% or more. These subjects must include a home language. Additionally, a learner must get 30% or higher for another three subjects.

A learner can still pass matric if they fail one subject. Provided that they have completed all of the SBA components for that subject.