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Big changes this year!

New Era, New Name: We’re excited to announce that Scienza Academy is now Cornelius Tutoring! This change reflects our dedication to fostering a nurturing learning environment and guiding each student towards their full potential.

You can find our new website at

Key Updates for 2024:

Grade Range Adjustment

Starting this year, our focus shifts to Grades 4 and above, discontinuing foundation phase tutoring (Grades R – 3).

Grade 4-6

Classes remain largely the same, covering the full CAPS curriculum in a full day format (8:00 AM – 1:00 PM).

Grade 7+

A new approach emphasising independent learning, with support from our team.

Highlights include:

  • Reduced in-person tutoring, encouraging self-study and digital learning (e.g., Optimi platform, Khan Academy and our very own learning management system).
  • Mandatory preparation and worksheet completion for effective learning.
  • Access to supervised study spaces during the week.
  • Continuation of exam venue services.
  • Specialised, topic-focused workshops (priced variably).
  • Transparent, flat monthly fees covering workshops, exam venue use, and tutoring sessions. (Fees even more affordably priced!)
  • Customised study plans and regular progress reports.

Grade 7-12 Structure

Mathematics & Literacy: Bi-weekly sessions focusing on concepts, examples, and worksheets.

Languages: Weekly exam-focused workshops with comprehensive notes and exercises. Independent reading of prescribed literature.

Other Subjects: Single-session, topic-specific workshops covering exam content and past questions.

Scheduling Flexibility: Options to complete tasks early and makeup missed workshops at a fee.

Our commitment

We’re committed to your child’s educational journey and appreciate your continued support. Let’s make 2024 a year of growth and success!

Riaan and Trish Cornelius
Cornelius Tutoring